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Below are the requirements for all homes considering adoption from Beagle Rescue League, Inc.

Our adoptions are concentrated in the NJ and Eastern PA areas. Exceptions can sometimes be made on a case-by-case basis depending on our ability to complete home visits in the area, the specific dog being considered (more likely in the case of a harder-to-place dog), our ability to coordinate meetings, etc. Applications outside of the NorthEast USA will not be considered. We appreciate your understanding. If in doubt, please inquire and/or submit an application and we will let you know prior to beginning the process.

Our adoption fee is $250.00. (For puppies under 6 months of age, the adoption fee is $325.00 with $75 refunded upon required spay/neuter documentation at 6 months of age.) Please understand that this money reimburses us (often only partially) for the veterinary, boarding, and daily living expenses for our dogs. BRL beagles have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, are up to date on Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccines, have been heartworm tested and/or started on heartworm preventatives and flea/tick preventatives.

All applicants must provide both a personal and veterinary reference for current and/or past companion animals (within the last 5 years).  First time dog owners without a veterinary reference cannot be considered at this time. This information enables us to verify that your pets have been spayed or neutered, have been kept up to date on vaccinations and provided with the necessary veterinary care throughout their lives. A review of your dog’s weight and body condition scoring are factors in considering a positive veterinary reference.

All first time beagle owners and homes with children under the age of 8 must have a physically fenced in yard. We require this because beagles can be very stubborn, are expert escape artists (via digging and/or climbing!) and often “beagle bolt” through doors. Sadly, their noses often take them places that we would prefer they not go (i.e. the street, where danger awaits).

We do NOT endorse invisible fencing.  First and foremost, it does not protect your pet from other people or other animals that wander onto your property.  This is a concern regarding theft and domestic and wildlife animal attacks. Second, we have seen first hand the beagle that follows his very strong prey drive to merrily chase an animal right through the invisible fence, and then cannot make his way back onto his own property.  We have seen the tragedies that have resulted from all of these situations.

All adoptive homes must be committed to working with their new family member on issues regarding training OR be willing to work with an in-home trainer if needed. Socialization and interaction with people and other animals alike is something all dogs are entitled to and training them to be the best dog they can be is something we hope every adopter believes in.

All dogs adopted through Beagle Rescue League, Inc. must be leashed at all times when in an unfenced area.

As an adoptive home we require that any time you are unable to keep your dog you MUST contractually return that dog to us.

We require that you keep us updated 1-2x/year on the progress and health condition of your dog for the lifetime of your dog.

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